Per Project, Flat-fee Pricing
Quoted based on scope of work.

We can “knock-out” a specific HR project for you and then step back to let you run your business. HR projects vary in degree and size, and are quoted a flat fee, based on the scope of each individual project – rather than an hourly rate. With this approach, you know exactly what your HR expenses are and just what that investment has accomplished for your company. This can be a big help when planning and budgeting for your business needs.

Examples: HR Starter-Kit, Policies/Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Mission-Critical HR Forms, Leadership/Supervisory Training, Performance Appraisal Systems, Incentive Plans, Harassment Investigations, Retention Strategies, Onboarding Orientation, Executive Coaching, etc.



human resource consultant meeting a new client in a outdoor environment


HR “On-Retainer” Services

Our “HR On-Retainer” services offer a client the ability to access HR Consultation 24 hours x 7-days/week at an affordable (and predictable) rate.

The way this works is based on the pre-paid purchase of blocks of HR Consulting time (blocks are purchase in minimum of 4 hour blocks) to be used for any HR needs that occur such as:

Occasional calls or quick questions to help when needed
Occasional on-site time (e.g., terminations, investigations, conflict resolution meetings)
On-site training / coaching
Screening and interviewing potential job candidates
Conducting exit interviews

Clients can this time in as little as 15-minute increments;
and is active / valid across a 2-year period.
Note: Any on-site time will be charged a minimum of 1 hour.
Once the hours are exhausted, the client can sign up for another block of hours if desired.
No hitches, gimmicks or catches….Just quality HR support when the need arises.
With the retainer agreement, a client has the benefits of having an HR Manager on-staff (without the expense of a hefty salary, benefits, workers' compensation, liability insurance, etc.)