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Workshops Offered to Sharpen Skills

We offer a wide-range of workshop courses to meet your business training needs!

Send 1 or 2 of your “key employees” for a workshop on professional development.

This is a great opportunity to sharpen management skills in Leadership, Performance Management, Supervision and HR-related topics!


Training Features

Our workshops are interactive, dynamic and designed with your small business needs in mind.

Class size is generally 6-8 participants, so you get the personal attention and interaction you want.

Workshops are generally scheduled in two or four-hour segments, so you can your budget time for training and development.


Browse our list of upcoming workshops,

if you’re interested in learning about a class we may be able to offer.

To Register call 812.457.1068 or go to our Contact Us page to request more information.

Listen to what our clients have to say!


Pet Food Center

Mike Stepto, President/Owner

“We are a small business and can’t afford a full time Human Resources manager, I asked around and Kathleen’s name can up several times. I called her, set up an appointment, and we sat down figured out what our needs were for the business. She walked me through the evaluation of my business, came up with a plan, and implemented the plan. I couldn’t be more pleased with her services and would recommend to any company looking to outsource their HR needs."

Gilda's Club of Evansville 
Melanie Atwood, Executive Director of Gilda's Club

“Kathleen is the epitome of class and professionalism.  Her knowledge of HR legalities combined with her insight in working with non-profits has helped Gilda’s Club Evansville immeasurably to ensure compliance and build a culture of teamwork."

Pangea Kitchen

Randy Hobson, Owner

“As a new business start up finding time and resources to put together a comprehensive employee management and talent development program seemed out of the question for Pangea Kitchen. Opening new independant restaurant after spending 25 years in corporate America, I knew the benefits of having an employee handbooks and developing talent. I never thought I could afford to bring this resource to my business until meeting Kathleen. She helped me understand how to manage the process without major disruption to our business and at price that worked for us. To date this has been one of the best investments Pangea Kitchen has made.

Ace Extrusion 
Brandon Robards, President

“LHR Consulting has been critical in our growth process as a company. LHR has improved our communication with our team members, kept us informed of ever-changing HR policy, and provided critical training to our management and our staff.  LHR is a valuable resource for our business."

Northside Eyecare

Dr. Jeff Irvin, Owner

“I have been using Lapekas HR Consulting for the past number of years.  Kathleen came highly recommended to me by several other well respected professionals including attorneys, accountants, and other small business owners that I know and trust.  I was having a difficult time balancing patient care, practice management/development and human resources.  I finally decided it was time to ask for the help of a professional.  Delegating my human resources needs to Kathleen has been one of the best business decisions I have made.  She has taken all of the stress of HR away from me.  It is also comforting to know she is only a phone call away if my Office Manager or myself have an urgent question."

Foncannon Tax & Financial Services, LLC 
Heidi A. Stewert, Office Manager

“Kathleen has a passion for helping business owners succeed and grow. Kathleen is your life line in regards to outsourcing HR Management, she is very knowledgeable, dependable, and most of all professional. Our firm has hired Kathleen for a variety of HR Compliance issues, questions and our employee handbook. We have referred her to many clients where she has shared her wisdom and professionalism. A business owner would have a true asset to their business if Kathleen Lapekas with Lapekas HR Consulting was in their corner. 

Seal Corp, USA

Ken Rust, President

“We hired Kathleen Lapekas with LHR to be our plant's HR Manager. We really needed someone that could come in occasionally to help with managing hiring, employment issues, and employee relations. Kathleen was a great find. Her business allows for small companies to benefit from having a seasoned HR Manager for a modest price for her level of experience. We have retained her expertise since 2011 and it was a great decision. She is very good with people. She demonstrates professionalism, good judgement and a strong HR acumen. I would strongly recommend her for any business who needs solid HR on their team. 

McMahon Exterminating 
Charlie McMahon, President

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for the last three years. I never thought that I would have a need for HR in my business. Especially, since we are a small family owned business. However, as our business has grown I have found that having someone who has HR experience..... priceless.

Kathleen took a close look at our employee handbook and helped me with compliance. I had no idea what was required. I had simply sat down many years ago and wrote my own handbook. With our growth, we have experienced some additional growing pains and Kathleen has been there to help me through those times as well. I have also called Kathleen on off hours and she has taken the time to help me.

Kathleen's professionalism, care and concern for her clients is unmatched. I am a very satisfied client of Lapekas HR Consulting."

Collins Pest Management, INC

Dan Collins, President

“Kathleen has worked with Collins Pest Management, Inc. in various capacities as a Human Resources Consultant. Kathleen was instrumental in the hiring of our first full-time administrative assistant. Kathleen enhanced our job descriptions to facilitate understanding of the roles our employees play within our organization. She also organized employee files to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. Kathleen is detailed, organized and personable. I highly recommend Kathleen to any business needing assistance in Human Resources.”

Pay Day Payroll, Inc. 
Jill Cape CPA, CPP, President

“Pay Day Payroll is honored to have Kathleen Lapekas on our human resources team. From preparing and updating company policies to those hard to have conversations, Kathleen's expertise is the perfect size to get what you need at a fair price. The only way to stay away from litigation I say! I give her name out at least once a day to my clients and friends."


Facility Management & Engineering

Wayne Washington, President

“I highly recommend Kathleen as a source of professional expertise in the Human Resources field. We are a small growing company and cannot afford a full time HR department. That still doesn’t stop the need for HR services. That is where Kathleen comes in. Kathleen is my HR department. All my hiring goes through her. She developed our in house performance management system, she develops all job descriptions. She consults on HR problems/issues. She keeps up up to date and knowledgeable on current HR laws. Not only does Kathleen do all of these things, she does them in a very professional, expedient, and high quality fashion. She never misses a deadline and keeps you in the loop as to the progress of projects. As we grow, i never see the need to bring the HR function in house because Kathleen so adeptly and professionally handles the complete functional responsibility for us now. It is truly a pleasure to work with Kathleen as she is knowledgeable, easy to get along with, has a charming personality, and is above board in all of her dealings. I highly recommend Kathleen Lapekas and the total HR services she provides.”

Automated Office Solutions

Robert G. Parsons, President

“Kathleen reviewed and updated our Policies and Procedures manual and found numerous errors due to legal changes. She also offered additional sections based upon new Social Media laws. All of this work was done in an extremely timely manner. She has also been a huge benefit to our company as we are going through some personnel changes. Kathleen is my “go to” person when I have any personnel questions or concerns. She is on top of everything (from our point of view) that is happening in that arena.”


Menke's Automotive

Vernie & Barb Menke, Owners

“Working with Kathleen is so easy, so professional, and gives you peace of mind (which is hard to put a value to, just so worth every cent). We highly recommend her services. She’s the best. We will be very comfortable using her services again.”

Mid-American Sports Advantage

Denise, V.P. / HR

“I have been working with Kathleen Lapekas for a few years now and have been thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and capability in her area of expertise, Human Resources. I have hired Kathleen for a number of projects including developing & implementing a drug testing policy, performance management training for our supervisory staff, & a complete review of our HR policy. I have consulted with her numerous times regarding multiple different issues that have come up in day to day operations and she has helped me successfully navigate through them all. In addition to being a true expert in her field, she is very personable and just fun to work with. I highly recommend Kathleen if you have a need for any type of HR consulting, policy development, or training.”

Big Rivers Electric Corporation

Christa Gibson, Manager Talent Management

“I have had the privilege of working with Kathleen Lapekas with Lapekas HR Consulting for over several years. She is an experienced professional who delivers high quality training and has outstanding speaking abilities. I enjoy the great stories she tells while giving relevant examples to engage her audience. She has conducted Employee and Leadership training, focus groups, coaching, and mentoring for our company. Kathleen has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I appreciate that she is friendly and encouraging to everyone she meets and is passionate about helping others learn and grow. Kathleen is also very knowledgeable in the areas of business and human resources. She is great to work with and I would highly recommend Kathleen Lapekas from Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC.